Let's Talk Clay

Let's Talk Clay

A natural source of all minerals used and consumed by humans, for a variety of purposes, is clay. The use of clay to draw out impurities and soothe our skin has been documented for hundreds of years. Who would have known that the soft mineral substances: a product of weathered volcanic ash could be so good for our skin and hair in so many ways.


Kaolin clay is a very fine clay. I use loads of kaolin clay in my soap as I believe that it adds a wonderful dimension to the lather (that I’m a little bit addicted to). I am also a huge fan of Kaolin clay in cleansers. It is a very fine clay so it is great for normal to dry skin types and troubled skin. The clay can absorb into the skin to gently draw out impurities while calming any inflamed areas. Our Creamy Clay Face Cleanser with 2% mandelic acid is the perfect face cleanser for problematic skin types


This clay has amazing absorption properties. It is another fine clay . The colour is known to come from plant matter and iron oxides. It is another great clay for oily skin.


Bentonite clay is derived from volcanic ash. It has much stronger absorption properties that makes it perfect for oily skin types in masks and cleanse. Bentonite clay is fantastic in anti-dandruff shampoo too, to help draw out dry flaky skin from the scalp.


This clay is rich in minerals and trace elements that has wonderful anti-aging properties. it is also fantastic for adding to soap for great colour. It is perfect for most skin types.