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I grew up on the far south coast of NSW, surrounded by nature. Summers were spent at the beach, while winters were all about exploring the bush. My deep connection to the natural world was evident from an early age, and my love for animals was quite apparent. At home, we share our lives with three Labradors  and my mini Dachshund, Daffodil. Even our daughter has dogs, Doug and Dora, who are Daffodil's parents.

Before starting a family, I was accepted into Ryde Horticultural College. However, life took a different turn, and I eventually earned a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood from Canberra University in 1997. This opened doors to a decade of teaching and traveling the world.

 Marriage brought the challenges of living in various places with our growing family. We spent years in the remote outback of Leonora, Western Australia, the tropical paradise of Vatukoula, Fiji, and the serene landscapes of Hopetoun in the far South West of Western Australia. Eventually, we settled in Perth, providing our four children with stability and an educational environment.

In 2017, my husband and I decided to make a sea change, relocating with three of our four children to the Margaret River Region. Here, we were once again surrounded by the untamed ocean, diverse flora, and captivating fauna that we cherish. It was during this time that I rekindled a hobby I had started more than 12 years ago – soap making. The moment I began crafting soap, I rediscovered the intoxicating aromas, the boundless creativity, and the profound satisfaction of sharing my handmade soap with others. It was in this spirit that Margaret River Made began.

Shampoo and Conditioner Bars for Coloured Hair
In 2018, while exploring soap ingredients, I discovered shampoo bars. The concept fascinated me – water-free, waste-free, and plastic-free. I delved into researching the contents of bottled shampoos and conditioners, including the expensive natural, plant-based shampoo I had been using. This deepened my exploration of hair and scalp health, something I had always struggled with due to an itchy, oily scalp.

Through my research, I uncovered the irritants in my shampoo that had contributed to my itchy scalp. I realized that I had spent a small fortune on what I believed to be high-quality hair care. This led me to question why we were paying for products filled with known irritants like sulfates, silicones, glycols, and more, especially when healthier alternatives were available.

The revelation of shampoo and conditioner bars, along with the opportunity to reduce plastic waste, was a significant driving force behind my venture. I was grateful for the positive impact I could make on the environment.

My skincare journey was paralleled by my teenage children's experiences with hormonal acne. I witnessed their struggles with various store-bought products, some of which contained comedogenic oils, exacerbating their skin issues. This motivated me to formulate products safe for all skin types, especially sensitive and troubled skin. I aimed to create products using beautiful botanical-based ingredients, free from comedogenic oils.

In June 2019, my husband faced a life-altering surfing injury, a one-in-a-million event. This traumatic incident required us to leave Margaret River and return to Perth for his surgeries and extended rehabilitation. The healing process was a challenging and emotional journey, and soap making and formulating provided a source of solace and purpose..

OUR MISSION is based on a commitment to helping people look and feel their best in a conscientious way. We take immense pride in how far we've come and remain dedicated to refining and researching our hair and skin formulations. Customer satisfaction drives us, and we cherish the connections we make at markets and online.

We are passionate about reducing waste in our products, production, and packaging, striving to become 100% plastic-free for a more sustainable future. We proudly support other Australian businesses and manufacturers that share our focus on sustainability and ethical practices, and we are committed to reducing waste and fostering an eco-friendly environment.

We invite you to join us on our journey toward a cleaner, greener world and to support Australian-made products for your family. Take care.

Warm regards, Tracey 

Margaret River Made.