ABOUT MRM – Margaret River Made


Here at MRM we are seriously addicted to producing quality, botanically based products that we can be proud of.


My haircare journey began on a rainy day in Margaret River in 2018 when I was researching ingredients for soap and I came across shampoo bars. I thought wow what a great idea - water free, waste free, plastic free. I began researching exactly what was in bottled Shampoo & Conditioner including what I was currently using at the time, my very expensive plant-based Shampoo.
I researched all about our hair and scalp as I was always struggling with an itchy, oily scalp. I can honestly say it was an incredible eye opener the further I delved into hair health.
I discovered ingredients in my shampoo that were the culprit for my itchy scalp. I was not a happy camper by this stage as I had been spending  hundreds of dollars on what I thought was good quality hair care plus I had just stocked up on my last trip to Perth. Coincidentally, those bottles are still under my bathroom vanity - full. 
I began to wonder why we were all happily paying for a plastic bottle filled with mostly water when we don't really need to. I asked myself why was I paying for known irritants, sulfates, silicones, glycols, pegs plus loads more when there were way better alternatives emerging.
So my passion began creating hair care that I could be proud of, that my children could use.

There was also a HUGE added benefit & incentive I could help contribute to reducing plastic waste in our environment.
I am so thankful that I discovered Shampoo Bars on that rainy day and was so excited to think that by creating Shampoo Bars it could change the way we live.
Moving forward 12-15 months once I got my formulation right I took my bars off to my weekend market and everyone loved the idea. I was so happy that my customers could see the value in them too!
Over the next 12 months I really fine tuned my formulation adding a range of proteins for different hair types. Now I believe my bars are the best on the market. I have 8 different shampoo Bars to suit all hair types and 3 different conditioner bars that are awesome.
I can honestly say my short, fine, naturally wavy hair is the best it has ever been in regard to scalp health (no more itchy scalp thanks to my Anti-Dandruff shampoo Bar). My fine hair also looks thicker thanks to my Volumising Bar that contains Rice Protein and my Colour is taken care of by the incredible Quinoa Protein in my Colour Care Shampoo Bar. Don't be afraid to mix your proteins up!
My skin care journey coincided with my teenaged children, when one by one I watched them all suffer with hormonal acne. I was referred to so many different store bought products ranging from organic to very, very expensive brand names. During my research it became abundantly obvious that so many brands use Comedogenic Oils, even in products for troubled skin.
I was so disappointed for all the poor teenagers and adults suffering with problematic skin, and the poor parents trying to help their children, wasting lots and lots of money on products they hoped would help them when in reality a lot of the products offered are clearly possible irritants known to aggravate many skin conditions. 
I learnt that sadly, we can't always trust the big companies to do the right thing.

So my passion began formulating products that were safe for all skin types - especially troubled skin. Products that are non-comedogenic. My kids were great guinea pigs when I first started out and trust me they didn't hold back with their opinions ! 
I really do care about what I formulate & I really do care about using quality ingredients. I want the best for our wonderful customers. That's why for the last 2 years I have stood in the wind, the rain & the hot sun trying to get my message out there. I did actually say that I would never do a market all those years back.....too old ! Never say never. 
I would like to thank all my awesome customers at Freo Farmers Market that supported me way back then and continue to support me now.  It was you guys that helped make this journey possible for Margaret River Made. Thank you to Kylie the Market Manager for giving me a go. 
Here at MRM we are committed to constantly refining and researching our hair & skin formulations. We are also committed to helping our environment by reducing waste in our products, production and packaging. We strive for a more sustainable future. We support other Australian Businesses like ourselves. We also support manufacturers that offer sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients.
We hope you join us on the journey of a cleaner, greener world & support Australian Made, Botanical Based Goodness for you and your family.

Tracey Penkethman
Founder & Director of Margaret River Made