Top Tips to Glow from Top to Toe

Top Tips to Glow from Top to Toe

As the weather finally begins to warm up in Perth after The Winter That Lasted 500 Years, we all start to shed the layers of pants and jackets to reveal a little skin. But what happens to our skin if it’s been cooped up all winter with the harsh, cold air and drying air-conditioners wreaking havoc? That’s right, you’ve heard it all before: a hefty dose of dry, parched skin in need of some TLC. It’s probably also a good time to note that soothing, natural products are a great option to really get skin to shine, rather than lathering on the chemicals and nasties.
So, what’s the best way to start treating that dull, tired winter skin naturally and reveal a hydrated, glowy exterior by the time summer rolls around? Stock up on natural scrubs, creamy clay masks, natural lip balms and let’s discuss.

Exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate!

For all you beauty buffs out there, you’ll know the importance of sloughing away dead skin cells that build up, more so in the cold, drying harshness of winter.

BHA’s like salicylic can help to remove dead skin cells gently without damaging the outer layers of our skin, can promote skin rejuvenation from sun damage. BHAs can help to increase the skins resistance to ultraviolet skin damage along with antibacterial effects. Salicylic acid is in both our face masks, Creamy Clay Face Cleanser and Abyssinian & Sweet Orange Face Cleanser. We also love Konjac sponges - the natural alternative to face sponges. Made from the Konjac root the sponge once hydrated fully, offers an incredible cleanse in co junction with a suitable cleanser.

Hydrate with Hyaluronic

The skin-quenching powerhouse known as hyaluronic acid delivers a hefty shot of hydration, thanks to its ability to hold 100 times its weight in  water, effectively keeping the skin moisturized day and night. Find products that contain hyaluronic acid and you’ll be laughing all the way to summer.


If you’re not already on the serum bandwagon yet, jump aboard! A good quality serum can work wonders on parched skin, and you’ll notice a difference in your face’s tone, texture and hydration. Just remember to apply it before your moisturizer for the best results.

To get prepared for summer and stock your beauty kit with natural scrubs, natural lip balms, our popular hyaluronic and kiwi seed moisturizer and much more, browse our WEBSITE for our complete range.