Our Shampoo Bars For Oily Hair

Our scalp-balancing formula, enriched with cedarwood, gently cleanses while preserving natural oils crucial for healthy hair. Cedarwood's astringent properties regulate oil production by tightening pores, preventing excess oil buildup. Its anti-inflammatory qualities soothe scalp irritation, reducing inflammation that can lead to overproduction of sebum. pH-balanced for a gentle cleanse, our formula also features rosemary to enhance scalp and hair health, and lemon for prolonged oil control. Experience balanced oil production and refreshed hair with our nourishing blend.

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Best Shampoo Bar For Oily Hair

Are you tired of using shampoo that leaves your oily hair looking worse than before? Look no further than the best shampoo bar for oily hair here at Margaret River Made. This shampoo bar aims to improve the oil balance of those with oily hair. We understand the importance of not stripping the natural oils from your scalp, as it can lead to dryness and overproduction of oil. That's why our shampoo bar is designed to gently cleanse your scalp without removing the natural oils that your hair needs to stay healthy; and this is the reason why it ranks as the best shampoo bar for oily hair.

Our product showing up when looking for “the best shampoo bar for only hair” is infused with ingredients that promote strong and healthy hair while balancing oil production. We also add ingredients such as rosemary, which is known for its benefits for scalp and hair health. This soap includes gentle cleansing properties that will leave your hair feeling clean and fresh. To use the best shampoo bar for oily hair, simply wet your hair, rub the bar directly onto your hair and scalp, and distribute the lather for an all-over clean. Rinse thoroughly and keep the bar dry to ensure that it lasts longer. Our bars are designed to not go mushy, so you can enjoy your shampoo bar for an extended period.

Our ingredients are carefully selected to ensure that they are gentle on your scalp and hair. Margaret River Made understand that it can be difficult to find hair products that work for oily hair, which is why we take extra care in ensuring that our ingredients meet quality and safety standards. We also use a preservative to ensure that the best shampoo bar for oily hair stays free from microbial bacterial growth that can occur when in contact with air and water.