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Perfect Pits Lemongrass & Lime Deodorant

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We take your armpits very seriously and we take your health very seriously that's why there are no nasties or irritants in our deodorant . We also know that no one wants stinky armpits that is why we have formulated using proven long acting anti-microbial ingredients. 

  • Natural odour neutralization
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Long lasting,
  • Non-sticky,
  • Vegan friendly,
  • Bi-Carb free
  • Aluminum-Free



1. Key Benefits

Aluminum & Bi-Carb Free: Natural deodorants do not contain aluminum compounds, which are often found in antiperspirants. Aluminum compounds block sweat glands to reduce perspiration. This may have potential health risks.

Sweat Management: While natural deodorants do not block sweat glands, they are effective at managing odor. They contain natural ingredients that absorb moisture and neutralize odor-causing bacteria.

Reduced Skin Irritation: Some individuals experience skin irritation or sensitivity when using conventional deodorants. Natural deodorants are less likely to cause skin problems due to their gentler ingredients.

Non-Greasy so it won’t leave your armpits feeling stickyor uncomfortable.

2. Key Ingredients

Zinc ricinolate is derived from castor oil, a natural
source, which may be appealing to individuals looking for more natural and sustainable deodorant options.

Magnesium chloride can help control body odor. It neutralizes odor-causing bacteria, which is essential for keeping you smelling fresh throughout the day.

Active Anti-microbial ingredients for Long-Lasting Protection with clinically proven 24 hour anti-microbial reducing active ingredients.

Heptyl Undecylenate is known for its skin-conditioning properties. It can help to moisturize and soothe the skin, which may be beneficial in a deodorant, especially for individuals with sensitive or easily irritated skin. Deodorants often have waxy or sticky textures. Heptyl Undecylenate can potentially reduce this stickiness, making the product feel less tacky on the skin. This ingredient can also help with the texture and spread ability of the deodorant, making it smoother and more pleasant to apply.

Arrowroot powder has excellent absorbent properties. It helps to soak up excess moisture in the underarm area, which can help keep you feeling dry throughout the day.

Thyme is known for its antimicrobial and
antibacterial properties. It may help combat microbial activity under the armpits throughout the day

Patchouli oil has demonstrated antibacterial
properties against certain strains of bacteria.

4. How To Use

Apply to clean dry armpits.

The deodorant is in the form of a paste that glides on without leaving any stickiness you literally don't feel a thing. Once applied the paste goes to work protecting you throughout the day.

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Perfect Pits Lemongrass & Lime Deodorant
Perfect Pits Lemongrass & Lime Deodorant

What Makes Our Skin Care So Good ?

No Harsh Chemicals: Our deodorants are formulated using plant based ingredients that are free from harsh chemicals, parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances. This makes them a gentler and more skin-friendly option, reducing the risk of skin irritation or allergic reactions. The eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging also helps to reduce waste in our precious environment.

We care about your skin barrier. We formulate all our products to help protect and repair the skin barrier using the highest quality ingredients from nature that contain incredible properties for skin health so that you can glow from top to toe.

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90 day money back guarantee.,
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NON-COMEDOGENIC means that it is perfect for all skin types especially troubled skin as it does not contain any pore clogging ingredients like coconut oil that contribute to annoying breakouts.

In fact, we pride ourselves on formulating using oils high in Linoleic fatty acids because we know Linoleic fatty acids help repair and protect our skin's barrier and help to calm problematic skin types.

Renewed Radiance


1. Linoleic acid is an omega 6 fatty acid. It is an 'Essential ' fatty acid. This means that your skin does not produce it.

2. You need to add it into your skincare regime. It is believed that low Linoleic acid levels can contribute to acne and premature aging.

3. It is important to balance out the fatty acids to reduce an over production of oleic fatty acids in the skin. 

4. Balanced skin will help to reduce the signs of aging for more vibrant, healthy looking & feeling skin.

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My armpits thank you

Just love the natural ingredients and the love that goes into producing these products.